Any Individual engaged in the profession of any of the following:

  1. Banking Services or CSP
  2. CSC VLE or VLE Operator
  3. Computer Classes
  4. Cyber Café or Xerox Center
  5. Insurance Agent
  6. Legal & Accounting Services
  7. Loan & Financing Agents
  8. Manpower or HR Consultancy
  9. Money Transfer & Recharge
  10. Postal & Courier Services
  11. Real Estate Brokering 
  12. Tour & Travel Agents

Technically No, you just have to deposit ₹21 while registering as POS Partner which will be added to your Wallet Balance which you can use while placing orders with us.

As a Partner you just have to get the clients and rest of the work is on us.

Since you are already in a business related to ours it is easy. You just have to add our services into your Profile and advertise.

To increase our Partners earnings we have our rates almost 30-50% less than the market rate. It totally depend on our Partner how much they want to charge from the customer.

Since we don't charge anything from your clients and its upto you how much you want to charge from your clients.

  1. Passport Size Photo
  2. Aadhaar Card Photo
  3. PAN Card Photo

These Documents are required for KYC of Partners.

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